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Medical Line

Ideal for old school aroma and taste enthusiasts

Make use of the plant to relieve pain symptoms

While we were developing our project, which was aimed at collectors and recreational users at first, we realized we were leaving out an important sector of the cannabis world society. This sector is the one that needs it most as it uses the plant to alleviate the health problems. This fact, needs an especific product, with a previous cannabinoid analisis. Despite all our genetics already had CBD content, we have enhanced this feature to get a line that fits the needs of these special customers.

Cannabinoids and their effects

The Cannabinoids have been traditionally regarded as the substances responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana, especially the famous Delta-9 THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, the term “cannabinoid” actually includes many more types of molecules that are not exclusively present in Cannabis Sativa L. Marijuana’s effects are due to a certain number of biologic receptors, able to capture those molecules. This happens for external compounds (smoking, vaporizing or eating cannabis) and also for the endogenous cannabinoids.
Under the chemical point of view, cannabinoids belong to the group of phenols and terpenes, activators of the cannabinoid receptors in humans and some animals.



Es un producto de la degradación del THC, durante el It is synthesized from Cannabigerol molecules. CBD appears in some Hash plant strains and also in high-quality hashish, now some seed banks are looking for CBD contents. It is THC antagonist reducing its psycho activity. The balance on the psychoactive effects of THC may be the reason why many patients prefer marijuana to some drugs as Sativex. It is responsible for the hash type highs, more sedative than psychoactive.
Effects: The CBD acts as a neuron protector and antioxidant. Recently scientists discovered that stimulates VR1 pain receptors, and changes the transmission of anandamina. These new findings have important implications in the elucidation of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulator properties of CBD.