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Autoflowering Line

Ideal for old school aroma and taste enthusiasts

Meeting demand for outdoor strains.

In order to satisfy the increasing demand of automatic plants, above all from European clients, we decided to cross our best mother plants with first class Ruderalis, to get the unique product. Many clients, when tasting the final product, doubted that these were really automatic plants. The resin layer covering them, their power, taste and scent, are just as good as the new generation of seeds in the market. We firmly believe in our labor. For this reason we provide you with the really good varieties, those that can satisfy the most delicate palates.


Auto critical

Short flowering

Critical surprised us due tu its phenotype mixture, short flowering, compact fruits, and sativa, creative and cerebral efecto, that helps us perform our favourite activities. Not only is it a good producer, but also it is well-known because of its nice taste: fruity with a touch of lemon, orange… and many other flavours that are evoqued. Auto Critical retains all those features and express them really fast. It is a good choice for every year season.


Auto diesel

You will feel the difference

This is, in our opinión, the only automatic seed with Diesel character. We came to this conclusión after comparing it with the other seeds banks results. The Green variety gives off citric scents mixed with an unmistakable fuel smell, which gives this variety its name. Its leaves are short and broad, despite its effect (closer to sativa variety than to Indian one). Its flowers get golden color and turn purple by the end of blooming period. It is a treat for the eyes.