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Classic Line

Ideal for old school aroma and taste enthusiasts

A collection full of sensations

Discover the best basic genetics collection of the market. In CBD Seeds we have retained the original features of the first genetics, those seeds that became legend years ago. In our crossings, we have selected those phenotypes that unambiguously express these varieties character. If you are an old school aroma and taste enthusiast, you will adore from the unmistakable Amnesia 5, with its heady scent, to the Northern, whose taste will be remembered by the old school fans.

Another of our favourite seeds is ths Shark, a phenotye we have retained for over 10 years and that surely will be one of the most popular among public. Moreover, we have in our catalogue one classic as the Critical, which is the variety par excellence for all growers, since it is a very resistant plant and a good producer. We offer you the Cheese, very well known in Europe, specially in the UK, where it bacame famous due to its high productivity. Finally, we offer the Kali (a sativa per excellence). Although its development takes a long time, it offers spicy and incensed scents, very characteristic of this variety.


From CBD Seeds, we are sure that whatever your choise is, you will be satisfied, since we give our utmost and knowledge to offer you the best products, with excellent genetics and a spectacular presentation so you can collect all of them. Now that you know about our labor, start preparing yourself to delight your senses with something exceptional and be captivated by these unique pieces.