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About us

About us

CBD Seeds was conceived with the aim to offer classic varieties of marijuana seeds in their original form. After meeting professionals from around the world with a vast experience within the breeding sector, we collected feminised sedes from high quality crossed-breeding varieties. We decided to start a new project, recruited technical personnel, graphic designers and webmasters to join our team.

Our goal is to become a reference in terms of product quality, design, technical service and after-sales service.

The first step of our project was to collect a classic line of genetics. We worked with the first genetics. Those that became legend years ago. We packed those phenotypes unequivocally bringing together these varieties character. If you are an old school aroma and taste enthusiast, prepare yourself for a special experience and be captivated by these unique pieces.

After developing the classic line, the next step was clear. We analysed the situation of European market and discovered that there is a high demand of autoflowering varieties. Then we decided to start the arduous task of getting all our varieties in automatic version by searching in different locations. We got a revolutionary line of automatic seeds, since up to that moment there was no bank offering so special varieties. We are proud of our autoflowering collection, and so are our clients, who support us to continue with our work. Although it concerns a hard task, the result is rewarding.

In CBD Seeds, all our seeds pass an exhaustive quality control before being packed in tubes. The containers are closed with an assembling cap which prevents from ambient humidity. We discard immature seeds (grey colored) and no ribbed seeds (with no covering). These are the essential requirements to offer a first quality product. Don’t forget that these seeds are only intended for collecting purposes and its germination is strictly prohibited.


The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed in New York on March 30th and modified by the Geneva Protocol on March 25th 1972, ratified by the Spanish State, includes the cannabis, its resin, its extracts and its tinctures in Schedules I and IV of narcotic drugs, subjected to national or international control.
In the Spanish State, the cannabis seeds are not scheduled as narcotic drugs, and its holding, sale and traffic do not constitute a crime. These acts are not legally regulated. The users must know the current legislation in their countries. CBD Seeds sells cannabis seeds only for collecting purposes. A misuse of these seeds may result in conflicts with the current law in the importing countries.
We do not want to lead any of our customers to act against the law. We are not responsible for the seeds misuse or different use that the stablished in the sale.